5 key factors to chose best health drink for your kid

Kid health drink
Comparative study on kid health drink

Probably every parent faces the problem that their kid does not eat nutritious food. The nutrient has a very important role for the growing kids. So It is seen that most of the parents provide their kid some health drink like Horlicks, Complan, etc. These products have a great market in India. If your kid is not taking nutritious food properly then one of the solutions for you has a food supplement for your kid i.e. a quality health drink. Following five key factors must be considered before investing your hard earned money for the good health of your nearest one:

You must read the product label:

The health drink should be from the organic source and must not be chemical synthesis. The organic source should be from organic farm where chemical fertilizer, pesticides, etc must not be used. Make of the product should be trustable. The plant should not be genetically modified.

It should be a low-fat drink:

Kids are generally interested in tasty food and high-fat food have generally become tasty. So they take a lot of fat from other sources. So make sure that health drink of your kid should not increase the load. It will make your kid obese which may cause degenerative diseases like heart disease, diabetes, etc. So chose health drink for your kid which contains less fat.

Chemical flavoring agent or coloring agent should not be used:

Chemical flavoring agent increases the taste of the product but has a lot of side effect too. Similarly, the chemical coloring agent is not good for your kid’s health.

Health drink should contain more protein, iron, and calcium:

For your growing kid, protein is very much important. Iron helps to concentrate on the study, Calcium improve bone health. So please do a comparative study before you finalize something for your kid.

Challenge the efficacy of the product:

Label claim of the content of the product such as protein, vitamin, mineral, and other nutrients are not always true. So efficacy of those products may not be realized. Efficacy of the product should be realized. Don’t fall the trap of sophisticated packaging, please look for the above point.

One comparative study I have done and provided below:

Kid health drink

Comparative study on kid health drink

So you also do this type of study with your self and identify the best product for your kid. To enhance your knowledge link of one book is provided below which is a must read the book to take grow a disease-free kid.


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