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5 Reasons to Use Silicone Gel Heel Pad Socks for Pain Relief for Men and Women

Relief from heel pain

1. Orthopedic silicone heel protectors:

Orthopedic silicone heel protector protects heel bone from extreme pressure, fatigue and strain, prevents thickening of heel skin, keeps heel safe from blisters, chipped skin, corn and cracked feet. It provides hydration treatment to repair your dry, painful, hard and cracked skin on your heels. Also provide an improvement of the appearance by helping reduce fine lines of aging. These socks can also be used with foot cream.

2. Relief pain:

Orthopedic silicone heel protector prevents joints and foot pain caused by poorly padded footwear, daily weight pressure, walking and standing. It gives ultimate heel pain and heel swelling relief. It provides extra cushioning, shock absorption, anti-slip and breathable. It is an ultimate heel comfort, stability, reusable, economic and hygienic.

3. Unisize:

One size of Orthopedic silicone heel protector fits for everyone. It provides extra cushioning,shock absorption,anti-slip, breathable, ultimate heel pain relief slip-on pads, for heel pain, spurs, heel swelling. One pair, two units, is universal size. Most thickest heel slip is for ultimate heel comfort stability for firm foot-fall. reusable,economic,hygienic to wear under shoes or barefooted.

4. Washable and reusabe:

Orthopedic silicone heel protector can be hand washed in water with detergent powder and dry in a shade avoiding direct exposure to sunlight.

5. No Side Effect and Cost Effective:

The process of getting relief from heel pain does not have any side effect. It cost effective too. Only 199 INR is the price of a pair of Orthopedic silicone heel protector.

Direction for usage:

If you are confused how to wear it, then please refer to the images that we have uploaded for this product. And please do not wear continuously and do not walk too much with wearing the product on your heel because it is soft delicate and may not be able to withstand outdoor walking

Orthopedic silicone heel protector
Orthopedic silicone heel protector
Orthopedic silicone heel protector
Orthopedic silicone heel protector
Orthopedic silicone heel protector
Orthopedic silicone heel protector
Orthopedic silicone heel protector

Product Reference

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Protection From Corona Virus

Precautionary measures from corona virus

Now Corona virus-19 reached to more than 200 countries of the world. This pandemic virus infected more than 2 million people worldwide and near 1.6 Lakh people died. As it is a new kind of virus, it took time to know how it spreads, symptom, how to prevent spreading in the community, etc. However, based on WHO guidelines, research, and preventive measures taken by other countries following physical measures are discussed for protection from corona virus-19.

Physical distancing:

Physical distancing

Maintain a physical distance with other at least 2 meters. During sneezing, dry cough, exhale and conversation, virus spreads around the person with minor droplet comes out from the person’s mouth and nose. Research shows that this droplet may travel near 1 meter around the person. So maintain a distance of 2 meters to be at safer side.

Stay at home unless or until it is necessary to go to outside:

Almost all the country where covid-19 identified, was locked down the area to stop spreading the corona virus in community. So, self isolation is extremely necessary. Earlier it was advice that be at safe distance from the ill person. But as a lot of person who are recently infected does not look like infected and there are some asymptomatic carrier of the virus is available around us. Hence obeying locked down criteria holistically shall be maintained.

Washing hand or using hand sanitizer

As corona virus spread through hands, hands shall be washed frequently by soap. If you are going to outside, then do not touch your mouth, nose, eye without washing your hand. Where ever soap is not possible, use Hand sanitizer. But there is a risk associated with both soap and sanitizer. Residue shall not be entered in our body. So, wash your with clean water thoroughly. For hand sanitizer, chemical used in the sanitizer shall be effective for killing microbes and equally the chemical shall not harm our skin. So, after a lot of study, I have selected following two for your use.

Wear Mask

Now wearing mask is mandatory in a lot of states. Here mainly two types of mask can be wore. One is N-95 mask and another 3 ply surgical mask. Wearing mask will help us to prevent spreading of the virus. N-95 means filtering efficiency of the mask is 95% and it is recommended by WHO. 3 ply surgical mask also found to be effective. Make sure that one single mask shall not be used for many times. Mask shall not be source of contamination. So, proper practice shall be followed for wearing mask. Following video link for your reference:

For purchasing a quality mask following link can be considered:

Wear Gloves

Wearing gloves in public place may reduce the chances of infection. So, link of cost effective gloves is given below for your consideration:

Hope this article will help us to get right product to be safe from microbes like corona virus. Link of the above is given after a lot of research and study on the personnel protective equipment. Both cost and quality of the product have been considered. So, immediately order the protective gear and start using. These products comes under essential products hence home delivery of the products are available. Use these product when appropriate and be safe from the microbes.

If you feel these products are beneficial please don’t be too cheap to share the articles. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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Health assessment

Health assessment:

With the adulterated food and busy lifestyle, our health is facing or going to face serious problems like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, cancer, etc which does not have any cure for medical treatment. Medical science only can control it. But following four pillars of health may prevent or delay to have those diseases:

  • Sufficient rest
  • Exercise
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Balance nutrition

Based on heredity some nutritional therapy also can be adapted to prevent a particular disease. So the monitoring system, as well as trending of those parameters, should be in place to understand the changes in the basic health parameters. Based on the outcome food or nutritional supplement shall be designed.

For example, for Mr. X is monitoring his blood glucose every month or bimonthly. He has trended that data and he found that blood glucose content is slowly increasing and may be reached at the pre-diabetic symptom. Then immediately he can be aware of the fact can take some preventive action like exercise, appropriate diet planning, etc and monitoring of the parameter further. If He did not see any progress then can visit a doctor immediately before it started harming Mr. X. Sometimes it is observed that people are identified with very high blood glucose content and it already harmed to the patient. The parameters like BMI, Body fat, Visceral fat, blood pressure, and blood glucose (These parameters can be increased based on the requirements) should be monitored and trending of the data to be done to understand the changes with time. Health and wellbeing started these services were with the data in a certain interval will make one precise report with inference and provide an effective suggestion in terms of diet/food planning from the qualified nutritionist. Reference format is provided.

Health assessment sheet

Blood pressure and blood glucose chart enclosed for evaluation of the current health status.

Normal blood pressure table

One assessment has been performed and the report is prepared which is enclosed here for your reference.

If anyone wants to have this assessment on regular basis, please contact in the mail id:





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