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Indian Traditional Herbs

Indian Traditional Herbs

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. There are many Indian herbs organically invented which are used for healing people’s common health-related problems. Those are time tested and trusted. For many hundreds of years, before allopathy came to India, these were mainly used for the remediation of health disorders.

This is not about curing disease by medicine, it is a practice to lead a healthy life. These herbs improve the in-built healing system of our body.

Despite having huge benefits and potential business, no extensive research has been done, and no many Indian herbs based product came into the market for many years. However, Chaymanprass and Pudin hara proved their efficacy and in recent times many companies introduced many herb-based products.

Same way Amway have launched Nutrilite traditional herb range. 

Why we should not use these products from an untrusted source

In many articles, health experts are saying not to use food supplements.   The reasons are as follows:

  1. GMP for manufacturing and pre-marketing clinical trials is not performed properly.
  2. Third-party is hired for raw materials where quality could not be ensured. •Chemically synthetic product is used. •For plant synthetic product, GMO plant is used. •Good Agriculture Practices may not be followed.
  3. Contamination  may come during production which may have an adverse effect on our health.
  4. Product may not deliver label claim of the active ingredient. Less amount will make it ineffective and more amount will make the product harmful for us.
  5. Proper batch to batch analysis may not be done prior to the release of the batch to the market.

Why Nutrilite Traditional Herb range products can be a good option:

Because: PSP

  1. Purity: Non-GMO plant used. That is ensured by genetic fingerprint matching.
  2. Safe: LEED Gold Certification & GMP nutraceutical guidelines compliant
  3. Potent: Only active ingredient identified through extensive research. This active ingredient is extracted from the plant. The right amount of the active ingredient is used which ensures the efficacy of the product.

Nine points for PSP of Nutrilite Herb range Product:

  1. Right seeds: By lab testing, it is confirmed that Non-GMO seeds are used for the plant.
  2. Organic farming practices are followed for the growing the plants
  3. Right Species: A DNA fingerprint is used to ensure that the right species of the plant is used.
  4. Right Part: Only the right part of the plant is used. For example, the active ingredient for Tulsi, is from leaves, for Aswagandha, it is from the root.
  5. The right extraction: The herbs undergo an extraction process to get the active ingredient along with other components to have maximum efficacy product.
  6. Right active ingredient: Right quantity of the active ingredient is ensure after analysis by using the right validated analytical method.
  7. The right process: The extract goes in LEED Gold Certified State-of-the-art manufacturing plant
  8. The right product: The products are manufactured in line with the nutraceutical guidelines.
  9. Right Quality: Right quantity of the active ingredient is used to ensure desired benefits and avoid adverse effect on health.

Nutrilite herbal range have six product on Indian traditional herbs. Little description of the products are given below:

Nutrilite Traditional Herbal range product

Nutrilite Aswagandha

Health is affected by stress, depression, anxiety, and many things. In the modern age fast forward hectic life life style disturb equilibrium of our body. Nutrilite combines the vast traditional knowledge and available scientific data on Ashwagandha which is known to support following:

• Gingseng of India.

• Support vitality

• Ease stress

• Calm the nervous system

• Boost body’s functioning

• Revitalize the body

1 Aswagandha Tablet = 3 gm of raw aswagandha herbs

Nutrilite Brahmi

Cognitive ability and mental agility start weakening with aging and due to lack nutrition. We may forget key, password, schedule activity. Here Brahmi herb can help us in following ways:

• Support mental agility

• Improve the functioning of central nervous system

• Improve attention

• Improve alertness and concentration

1 Brahmi Table = 5 gm of raw Brahmi herbs

Nutrilite Tulsi

Environmental pollution, dust, chemicals, low immunity, lack of nutrition, climate change make you fall in disease like cold and cough frequently. Tulsi herb can help us to support immunity. It is a potent adaptogen and have an anti-oxidant effect.
1 Tulsi tablet = 100 dried Tulsi leaves.

Nutrilite Amlaki, Vibhitaki, and Haritaki

Bad (junk food, over spices, dried, street food) and irregular eating habit may weak our digestive system. These three herbs are known as TRIFALA. These herbs together known to support followings:

• Support Digestion

• Have laxative properties

• Improve appetite

• Improve detoxification capacity of our liver

•Hyper acidity

Nutrilite Madhunashini, shuni, twak

Do you know 30 million Indians have diabetes and every year it increasing at 9% rate. Many death happens due to diabetes. It is a lifestyle disease. Consuming these herbs may delay having diabetes. These herbs together known to support followings:

• Support glucose metabolism and maintain healthy glucose level

• Support normal lipid metabolism

• Have antioxidant properties.

Nutrilite Vasaka, Mutheli & Surasa

We usually face respiratory discomfort due to frequent cold and cough, pollution, smoking, Asthama, etc. These herbs together is known to support followings:

• Support natural respiratory comfort

• Having antioxidant properties.

All us know side effects of medicines. Medicines shall not be taken without prescription from a doctor. And also we know prevention is better than cure. These herbs are safe a good alternative.

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Top 8 benefits of ginger:

Almost since last two thousand years, ginger is used as an Ayurveda medicine in different countries of the world. Indian use ginger as a spice. In India, we often do self-medication using allopathy medicine in case of digestion problem, cough & cold, etc. This self-medication for long days may have a severe impact on health. So ginger can be used for several cases for prevention and cure some disease. It has a negligible side effect if taken carefully maintaining dose. Overdose may have some side effect like heartburn, irritations, stomach discomfort, etc. So Top 8 benefits of ginger are given below:

Ginger improves the digestive system:

Ginger contains phenol compounds which improve the digestive system. Ginger increase secretion from Salivary glands. This helps faster movement of the chewed food product inside the GI tract. Ginger increase secretion of Trypsin, Pancreatic, Lipase, etc. enzyme which significantly improves the digestive system as well as appetite.

Ginger prevent and cure a common cough and cold:

Common cough and cold - Benefit of ginger
A common cough and cold can be prevented and cured by ginger
  • Ginger contains antioxidants which help to prevent communicative diseases. It cures a common cough and cold. To cure pharyngitis ginger is very much effective. It has antimicrobial or antibacterial properties. Hence it helps to cure a common cough and cold, flu, and different type of minor respiratory tract infection.
  • 3 gms of the dry ginger duct to be soaked in warm water then that ginger soaked water to be taken with honey to get the above benefits. To know more about Cough and cold please the article on Home remedies of cough and cold for babies.

Reduce Inflammation

Joint pain
Joint pain, stiffness, inflammation can be reduced by using ginger
  • Any type of inflammation in bone and muscle can be reduced by using dry ginger dust. Ginger is Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory. It is found to be effective for joint stiffness, joint pain, degenerative joint disease, etc.
  • To get the above benefits dry ginger dust to be mixed with sesame oil and cinnamon and these paste used topically on the affected area.
  • Boiled water with 2 gm of dry ginger dust with honey shall be taken for the same.
  • Ginger tea is beneficial for arthritis.

Ginger Controls Cholesterol

In an experiment, it was observed that if 1 gm of dry ginger dust is boiled and then the warm water is taken on daily basis, it reduces cholesterol. Same way it reduces triglycerides.

Ginger Reduces Blood Sugar

It is observed that the daily consumption of dry ginger dust soaked water reduces blood glucose level.

Ginger Cure Constipation

Several study found dry ginger dust can be effective to cure constipation.

Ginger Prevents Cancer

Ginger contains gingerol antioxidant, vitamin C and vitamin B and several minerals. But these are available in raw ginger and destroyed in heat. Daily consumption of raw ginger paste prevents breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, pancreas cancer, etc. During chemotherapy during treatment, a cancer patient may have vomiting tendency. In this case, 500 mg of ginger with lemon juice and salt help to reduce the vomiting tendency.

Ginger Improve Brain Activity and Prevent Alzheimer

Different research on ginger shows that it can improve brain performance and Alzheimer disease.

Despite emerging allopathy treatment system, Indian traditional herbs have a place in every Indian’s heart. Because benefits of ginger are time-tested. But as herbs have some limitation too, It is not being used widely. However, wise use traditional herbs (By consulting authorized personnel only) can save us from the side effect of Allopathy medicine. Hope the article on Top 8 benefits of ginger will benefit you.

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