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Precautionary measures from corona virus

What is corona virus

Corona viruses are a group of related viruses that causes diseases in mammals and birds. The viruses cause respiratory track infection that can be like mild cold or lethal like SERS, MERS, and COVID-19. Name of the virus responsible for the current pandemic is SARS-CoV-2 and name of the disease caused by the virus is COVID-19.

Top 20 precautionary measures from corona virus:

  1. While talking to anyone always maintain social distance of 3 meters. We are not habituated with the practices so this is tough to put it in to practices. So, initially we have to start it sincerely then slowly practice will be built.
  2. Frequent hand washing with liquid soap solution. If hand washing facility is not available sanitize your hand. Daily sanitize your home, daily accessible area, furniture, floor, doors window, bathroom, water tabs, etc. At entry keep one bucket with disinfectant solution. While anyone coming back home from outside leave their cloths in to the bucket, get fresh from bath room, then only should enter in to the living area.
  3. Wash milk bags the moment you take it & wash your hands while you are at it.
  4. Consider cancelling newspapers.
  5. Keep a separate tray for couriers. Courier person can place the envelope/package in the tray and courier may be left untouched for at least 24 hrs.
  6. Instruct maids not to touch main door. On entering the home, she must immediately wash hands thoroughly, before touching other things. After that, wipe the calling – bell switch with cleaning fluid.
  7. Avoid getting Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart or any online consignment as far as possible.
  8. Wash all fruits & vegetables once we bring them home.
  9. Remote, keyboards, phones are the most highly contaminated elements in our house. Clean them at least once a day using cleaning fluid.
  10. Wash hands frequently when in house or in office. Once every hour at least.
  11. Avoid public transport as far as possible. Even Ola Uber may be used when unavoidable.
  12. Avoid Gyms, Swimming Pool and other exercise areas, where surface contacts are inevitable.
  13. Cancel tuition, dance/music classes or any such places which is away from home and have gathering.
  14. When you return home from office, shopping, etc discard your clothes and wash your hands and feet thoroughly and if possible take a shower with soap.
  15. Most important do not touch hands anywhere on face. Inform children & parents.
  16. Ask Senior Citizens to stop going for the routine walking exercise and group gossiping.
  17. Avoid cash purchase too as far as possible and practice cashless transaction like Phone pay etc.
  18. Use your personal mode of transport bicycle/ motor bike car/ walking as far as possible for your personal work.
  19. Avoid social networking or visiting relatives too which may sound bad but is the need of the hour.
  20. Any symptoms of COVID -19  as suggested by WHO pl. take advise of Doctor.
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You should know following points about Vitamin C

Nutrition - Stress management

Source of Vitamin C
Source of Vitamin C

In the fourteenth century and before that Scurvy had long been a principal killer of sailors during the long sea voyages. In the 1497 expedition of Vasco De Gamma, the curative effects of citrus fruit were known and they used to take tea infused with evergreen needles to treat scurvy, a deadly disease happens due to lack of Vitamin C. Symptoms are malaise and lethargy, progressing to shortness of breath, bone pain, bleeding gums, susceptibility to bruising, poor wound healing, and finally fever, convulsions and eventual death. Apart from scurvy, the Vitamin has several important roles in our body.

Chemical Name: Ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid

Responsible For: Prevention and treatment scurvy, Good immunity to Cold and other infectious diseases, Help to absorb iron, Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce the risk of cancer, act as a strong water-soluble antioxidant.

Side Effect: Overdose of the vitamin may cause indigestion, particularly when taken on an empty stomach. For large dose include nausea, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

Requirements: As per US guidelines Adult male requires 90 mg / day and adult female requires 75 mg per day.

Source: Vitamin C is mainly sourced from the plant. Papaya, Bell Peppers, Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Carrot, apple, Guava, watermelon, etc.

Vitamin C enriched Fruits
Vitamin C enriched fruits

Precaution: Fresh plant should be used otherwise it decomposes if comes in contact with air for a long time. Vitamin C decomposes if heated. Use of copper utensil to store Vitamin C enriched food items catalyzes the decomposition.
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