Health assessment

Health assessment:

With the adulterated food and busy lifestyle, our health is facing or going to face serious problems like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, cancer, etc which does not have any cure for medical treatment. Medical science only can control it. But following four pillars of health may prevent or delay to have those diseases:

  • Sufficient rest
  • Exercise
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Balance nutrition

Based on heredity some nutritional therapy also can be adapted to prevent a particular disease. So the monitoring system, as well as trending of those parameters, should be in place to understand the changes in the basic health parameters. Based on the outcome food or nutritional supplement shall be designed.

For example, for Mr. X is monitoring his blood glucose every month or bimonthly. He has trended that data and he found that blood glucose content is slowly increasing and may be reached at the pre-diabetic symptom. Then immediately he can be aware of the fact can take some preventive action like exercise, appropriate diet planning, etc and monitoring of the parameter further. If He did not see any progress then can visit a doctor immediately before it started harming Mr. X. Sometimes it is observed that people are identified with very high blood glucose content and it already harmed to the patient. The parameters like BMI, Body fat, Visceral fat, blood pressure, and blood glucose (These parameters can be increased based on the requirements) should be monitored and trending of the data to be done to understand the changes with time. Health and wellbeing started these services were with the data in a certain interval will make one precise report with inference and provide an effective suggestion in terms of diet/food planning from the qualified nutritionist. Reference format is provided.

Health assessment sheet

Blood pressure and blood glucose chart enclosed for evaluation of the current health status.

Normal blood pressure table

One assessment has been performed and the report is prepared which is enclosed here for your reference.

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