Keep waterborne disease away

Purified water
Purified water

June brings along with enjoyable rains, some sort of waterborne disease like Cholera, Diarrhoea, Typhoid fever, Amoebiasis, etc. Water-borne diseases are caused by the pathogen-microorganism that transmitted in water. People can be affected while bathing, washing, drinking water, eating something which is contaminated by infected water.


According to WHO, 3.6 % of the total global disease is the waterborne disease in which 1.5 million deaths worldwide per year. In India from January to September-end last year, 1,412 deaths were attributed to diseases caused by contaminated water.

These diseases can be prevented by developing some good habits and taking some preventive measures as follows:

Purified drinking water
Purified drinking water
  • Drink filtered or boiled water.
  • Clean water/food containers thoroughly on daily basis.
  • Always store water/food in a covered container.
  • Maintain hygienic condition.
  • Consume fresh warm home-cooked foods.
  • Make a habit of washing hand with soap every time after using a washroom and before taking food.
  • Hand sanitizer can be used but it should not contaminate your food.
  • Avoid consuming food/juice from the roadside vendor.
  • Wash fruits and vegetable thoroughly with cleaned water before consuming.
  • Sanitize your toilet/washroom using detergent and strong disinfectant on daily basis.
  • Travelers should only drink bottled water.
  • People suffering from the water-borne disease should not mingle with people until fully recovered to avoid spreading.

Every year during the period from May to September waterborne diseases spread like anything and a lot of patients are admitted to Hospital. So by taking above measures, we can avoid the waterborne disease.






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