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We burn coils, vaporize some liquid or take any other actions to repel mosquitos, flies, etc from our household area. Especially in rainy season, keeping mosquitoes and other insects away from our household area helps us to avoid diseases like Malaria, Dengue, food poisoning, and other micro-pathogen contamination related disease. In one side, the mosquito repellent like coils, electric plugin, etc are effectively kicking minor insects like mosquitoes and flies off the house and help to protect us and our beloved family members from the said deadly diseases, on another side it has some significant negative impact our health if it is not used in a safe manner. Mainly used chemicals in this type of mosquito repellent product are tabulated below:

Type of Mosquito repellent Chemical used
Coil A dried paste of Pyrethrin powder
Liquid vaporized by using electric plugins Transfluthrin, a chemical of pyrethroid group
Spray DEET

Above chemicals in an allowable concentration in air for the certain period and using in a safe manner do not have a significant impact on our health. Several studies show that long-term exposure to this type of chemical may pose several impacts on our health. This impact becomes more prominent for kids, older people, and people already suffering from asthma, allergy, vomiting tendency, anxiety, and nerve related disorder. Findings from different research on the impact of the chemical on human are as follows:

Mosquito coil
Mosquito coil
  • Coils: Burning coils release air particulate matter which may have some sort of impact on the kid’s and older people’s health. It may cause allergy, asthma, sneezing, headache, etc. Burning coil in a closed area may have a serious impact on our health like anxiety, nervousness, tremor, convulsion, distress, etc. It may reduce oxygen content in that area and sometimes may initiate a fire. Hence it is recommended not to use the coil. If such situation arises where the coil is to be used, then keep in mind that there should have well ventilation and chances of fire should be nil.

Plugin mosquito repellent

  • Electric plugins: Liquid containing Transfluthrin is vaporized by heat which is generated by electricity. As per instruction provided in the label, first 30 minutes doors and window should be closed and after reaching in a certain concentration level door and window should be kept open.
Mosquito repellent label
  • Following pre-caution should be taken during burning coil or using electric plugins:
    • Keep away from foodstuff, empty containers, etc. The empty container of the liquid container shall be broken and buried away from the habitat. This is not poisonous for humans but poisonous for fish and other water livings.
    • Avoid contact with mouth, nose, skin, and hand. If it comes in contact with your hand, wash thoroughly with plenty of water.
    • Keep it out of reach of children.
    • Maintain proper ventilation where these are used.
    • Wear full sleeves clothes and long dresses to cover as much of your body as possible. This will reduce chemical exposure to your skin.


Mosquito repellent spray

  • Mosquito repellent sprayer: In sprayer DEET or similar type chemical take roll to repel mosquitoes and flies. This is more poisonous than above two. So this should not be used in the bedroom, drawing room, dining area, etc. This can be used in the washroom or in such area where we usually do not go and stay for long times. During use some pre-caution also we should take. Like it should not come in contact with skin, and a face mask should be used, etc.

The exposure of this type of chemical in the human body has more prominent side effects on the body than coil and plugins.

An alternative method to be safe from mosquitoes, flies and other similar insects: With the start of summer insects are increased in the environment and spread diseases. It is not that they only harm us, some of them benefitted us also. Like bees help to germinate flowers, Some major insects eat some other minor insects, etc. Use of chemical on daily basis to repel them, harm us as well as the environment. It is poisonous for fish or other water livings. So we can use following safe methods to make us safe from the mosquitoes and the environment from this harmful chemical:

Mosquito net
Mosquito net
  • Use of mosquito-net: Use mosquito nets to protect children, elderly and others who may rest during the day and night. Do not forget that Aedes mosquito (responsible for dengue) bite in the daytime.
mosquito-net attached with window
mosquito-net attached with a window

mosquito-net attached with a window

  • Covering windows with the net.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the household area.
  • Wear full sleeves clothes and long dresses to cover as much of your body as possible.
Water storage
Water storage in the household area
  • Prevent mosquito breeding. Discard/ Destroy unused items and drain out water from various containers. Regularly change water and clean flower vases and other items. Empty coolers. Cover water storage containers.
  • Household fixtures such as window and door screens and air-conditioning can also reduce biting.


  • An electric bat can be useful to kill mosquitoes and files.



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