Anxiety disorder
Anxiety disorder

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry, fear, tension, etc., that can be mild or severe. It is the body’s natural response to stress which may happen thinking negative consequences of an event. Becoming anxious is normal but if it lasts for long and impacts your work life, personal life, social life, health, etc., it is called anxiety disorder.

Top 10 social signs of anxiety disorder:

  1. Fear of leaving the house; social withdrawal

    • Anxiety disorder
      Fear of leaving the house, social withdrawal

      It often observed that an anxious person avoid social gatherings, start to stay alone in the home.

  2. Trouble on the job

    • Anxiety disorder
      Trouble in job

      An anxious person cannot focus on the job so it impacts on the performance which may trigger trouble in the job.

  3. Alcohol or drug abuse

    • Anxiety disorder
      Alcohol or drug abuse

      An anxious person may prone to alcohol or drug thinking that it will relieve him or her from the existing problem for sometimes.

  4. Frequent emotional and physical health issues

    • Anxiety disorder
      Frequent emotional and physical issues
  5. Depression

    • Anxiety disorder
  6. Stress

    • Anxiety disorder

      Stress may lead to anxiety or anxiety may create stress on a person.

  7. Family or relationship problem

    • Anxiety disorder
      Family or relationship problem
  8. Changes in personality

    • Anxiety disorder
      Changes in personality
  9. Compulsive and repetitive behavior

    • Anxiety disorder
      Compulsive and repetitive behavior
  10. Extreme unwarranted fear of a particular situation or things

    • Anxiety disorder
      Extreme unwarranted fear of a particular situation or things

      If one or more of the above signs are observed then the person may be suffering by an anxiety disorder.

Effect of anxiety disorder

Long-term chronic anxiety may trigger several health problems; some of these are as follows:

  1. Phobia
  2. A headache or and body ache
  3. Long-term anxiety may release some chemical like adrenaline in the body which creates problems like pulse rate increase, short breathing, and other problem.
  4. Cardiovascular problem
  5. Muscle tension
  6. Insomnia
  7. depression

So anxiety is a mental health disorder and requires proper care. For longterm chronic anxiety consultation also needed.

Chronic anxiety impacts our physical and mental health. Chronic anxiety can be reduced by creating a positive environment, motivating, taking a break, creating a secure atmosphere, counseling, changing lifestyle, etc. Still, if there is no improvement observed, a psychiatric consultant should be visited.

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