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Write here

If you have the passion for writing something, please do not waste time here and there, come and join us. We can understand the value of passion and talent you have. Do research and experiment on a given topic and draw a picture of what you have learned, with words for the benefit of the peoples around you. Based on the quality of the writing we will pay you from 50 INR to 500 INR for each article.
If you are interested to write here, please send us a mail at humayu.kabir@outlook.com with following details to become an approved writer for this site:


Highest Education Qualification:
Current Profession:
The language of writing (Only English / Bengali):
Do you have any experience of writing:
If yes, Please provide details:
Provide a demo writing on any subject of at least 50 words.
Mobile No.:
Email Id:

Terms and conditions:

If with your above details our team approve you as a writer on this site, you will be given a training, then only you will be qualified for writing here and agreement paper will be signed.
  1. Based on the requirement, your writing may be modified by our reviewer before publishing the writing.
  2. Your article will be published with your name as a writer however intellectual property ownership of the writing will be the site owners and you will have no right to claim copyright in the writing.
  3.  Writing on any controversial issue will not be accepted.
  4. Your writing should not be copied from any other sources, however, you can use data from the sources for reference purpose. Once you will complete your writing, you have to send us a word copy of the document. This will be thoroughly reviewed by our expert team, if it gets approved by the team, then it will be shaped to improve its quality. After that only the writing will be published on this site. After one week of successful publication, you will be paid. Your payment will be decided based on numbers of the viewer of the articles.

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